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mixtape monday

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the mixtape.  Many hours of my adolescence were spent carefully crafting collections of songs. Obsessing over each selection to make sure it portrayed the emotion I was looking for…and the one I’d hope to impart on whoever received it. Painstakingly ending the song at just the right place to avoid the dreaded “click” as you transferred the song from CD to cassette.  It was an art form and I loved every part of the process.

For some reason, playlists don’t do it for me.  Maybe I just miss the physical act of rummaging through every CD you owned…reading the liner notes…perfecting the balance of fitting all the right songs, in just the right order on each side of a 60, 90 or even 120 minute tape.

One of my favorite songs that I was introduced to was Even the Losers by Tom Petty.  Every time I hear that song, I am transported back to a very intense feeling, moment, memory.

The best mixes I received were from boys.  Boys I liked, boys that liked me, boys that were gay and didn’t know it yet.  I mean, I treasured the ones my girlfriends made, but nothing compared.  It was high school and hormones were everywhere.  That rush I got when I opened my freshman locker to find the first mixtape made especially for me…the thrill of running home to hang on every note…the nights falling asleep to them until I heard the final click.  The dreaded click.

 What is your favorite mixtape memory?